Scooter rental terms

Driver age: Minimum age 21 years and maximum 75.

Driving license: The driver must have a European or international driving license for the respective motorcycle category, be valid and have been issued in the tenant's country of residence at least one year before the rental date.

Helmet: Free helmet is offered to the tenant and the co-driver.

Insurance: All rental rates include simple liability insurance. The lessee is liable for any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to the leased motorcycle up to the amount of its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft. The lessee pays the amount corresponding to the damage of the Active rent a car & scooter motorcycle, regardless of fault and the amount paid is returned to him when and as long as Active is compensated.

 Insurance (CDW): By paying an additional amount of € 5 per day the tenant has the opportunity to avoid compensation of up to € 250 that can be caused on the motorcycle at his own risk. Excludes damage to the underside of the motorcycle, tires, wheels and exhaust

The amounts related to the damage or loss of the motorcycle are paid directly by the lessee even if he is covered by insurance and his debit / credit card. In this case, the lessee is obliged to pay Active rent a car & scooter the full cost of repairing or replacing the motorcycle.

Guarantee: For categories A, B minimum guarantee guarantee 100 euros or credit card. For categories C, D etc motorcycle rental is only possible with a credit card as a guarantee.

Payment method: Motorcycle rental is paid in cash, bank deposit or Visa and Mastercard credit card

Deliveries - Receipts: They are made only at our station and within its operating hours. Except during business hours and public holidays, delivery and pick-up is only possible by appointment and at an additional cost to the tenant.

Fuel: The cost of fuel is borne exclusively by the tenant. The tenant is obliged to return the motorcycle with the contents of the tank being the same as when he received it.

Navigation system (GPS): The charge for GPS is 5 € per day with a maximum charge of 70 € per month rental. Available based on availability and demand.

Taxes: All prices are subject to VAT as determined by the state.

The tenant is not allowed to use the vehicle for speed races, sleds or sand rides.

The tenant must lock the vehicle whenever it remains unattended

The vehicle may only be driven by the driver and the persons mentioned in this lease agreement.

The lessee is not allowed to move the vehicle outside the area.

The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle to the lessor in the same good condition as it received it.

In case of mechanical failure the lessee should immediately inform the lessor company.

In the event of an accident, the tenant is obliged to report the incident within 24 hours, otherwise he immediately becomes solely responsible for any damage caused.

In special cases, Active rent a car & scooter reserves the right to replace any type of motorcycle with another of the same category (or higher).

Prices: Prices posted on the Active rent a car & scooter website are subject to change without notice